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Thursday, October 27, 2011

desa dering is internet marketing opportunity

currently in Indonesia began to feel the spirit of doing business online, this is an opportunity internet marketing is very large, the use of social networking, blogs, sites, but as a developing country of all that is new to them, on the one side are many communities in the form from hobby surf, the less is the socialization of the online business community to the wider community beyond their will so that more and more people who understand the benefits of the Internet and its functions.
online business opportunities offset by the greater because the Indonesian government's program in communication nets to equalize the remote village, the name of the program "desa dering" that so challenges like those listed above is the use of this information technology

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

internet marketing for indonesia

Indonesia needs the support of internet marketing to accelerate economic development in the region as well as beneficial to create equitable development in the region.
Therefore, human resource capacity in the field of internet marketing should be improved quickly, it took the attention of all parties, many benefits can be felt when it was realized, in addition to improving and strengthening the unity of economic equality also states, the efficiency of production costs, could give birth to new entrepreneurs with market a wider

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Indonesia developing countries

Indonesia as a country that many islands will require a means of communication and data transfer is easy and inexpensive, it is useful to strengthen unity, develop marketing local products to global markets,
outline of the people of Indonesia to the internet about 5 years ago then it is very natural that many are not able to use the Internet to the maximum as in developed countries, but I'm sure because of Indonesia, including a large market share of many private parties that will help make people understand Internet, because it will affect their business. Indonesian people should be taught internet marketing to harness the Internet to advance their business

Saturday, September 10, 2011

internet marketing opportunities in developing countries

internet marketing opportunities in developing countries
I live in Indonesia, as a developing country that in recent years the rapid progress of internet usage, this coincided with the presence of social nets Facebook and many telecommunications providers that compete to race provides cheap rates for data services / Internet network,
meaning that the existence of those two things very meritorious introduce the people of Indonesia on the internet, the challenge now is how the people of Indonesia can use the internet properly, can improve economic and educational life.
Internet users in Indonesia in 2010 reached 45 million and 32 million is what Facebook users, such as in developed countries use the Internet for business, education and communication / social nets, then in Indonesia will also be like that, so many parties involved to introduce the use of internet both in Indonesian society